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Open Source To The Rescue!

Open Source To The Rescue!

I work in the IT field on both help desk and some infrastructure.  My biggest gripe is Windows. Why? because people, even to this day can’t figure out where the Windows 7 start button is. I’m serious. That shiny button down to the left, yea that’s the Windows start button. It’s not just that, but Windows in todays fast moving world is just too damn complicated for people.

Too many options, too many ways to do the same thing and on top of that, we have Office. Office is huge complicated monstrosity for people. Don’t get me wrong I like Windows to a degree but normal average Joe’s well they don’t. People have to worry about crypto virus’s, malware, adware and a whole list of shit people shouldn’t have to worry about.

The business world’s defacto is Windows. And it’s unnerving. For me at least. Which is why I think people should use Chromebooks and Linux desktops.

My chrome book is fantastic, I never have to worry about my data being compromised because it’s encrypted seamlessly. I don’t have to worry about crypto viruses, or even running a 3rd party anti virus product which hooks it’s digital fingers into everything. Desktop computing has become a shit show for normal users and system admins. With a Chromebook, you get shit done. Sure you’re limited to web apps, but think about what you use day to day.

Yes, I know there are cases where you need hefty apps like Adobe <insert app here>,  which is fine I get it. Those a niche cases. But for Mike in accounting or Jane in HR, they just need a word document, or a PDF, or a giant spreadsheet to open. Why should they worry about being compromised.

I gave my dad a Mint Linux desktop, he’s old but loves his casino games. Do you know how many calls I get? None. Why? because never more does he have to worry about viruses, malware, and everything else Windows blows in ( heh get it ). Us sys admins can manage both platforms. But sadly, the chiefs up top think Windows is the place to be.


Until then, let your VM’s hummm.



Hello again! After what? 10 years? Anyway, welcome to the Speel3k.Net Technology Blog. I plan on posting all things tech. Sit tight and hold on to your tits.

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