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The Future Of Robots

Once belonging in the realm of science fiction, engineers are building ever-more intelligent and advanced robots that may one day have the capacity to realistically mimic human and animal behaviors. Lola, a humanoid robot, has been created to play soccer. Using a camera, she will recognize objects based on their color and shape, process the information, and attempt to kick Read More


History of the printing art

The art of printing could be traced far back to 3000 BC, when Mesopotamian rolled and impressed cylinder seals on clay pads. These Mesopotamian arts are considered one of the most complex oldest existing print works. Tiny stamps were used in Egypt and China, before the advent of bigger blocks. Also, clothe was used in India and Europe, before paper Read More


Recruiting Software

In the recent past, there has been a lot of talk particularly concerning recruiting software. This software assists companies find suitable employees, and works in several ways. It can keep track of any company responses, manage the employment section of the company’s website and assist organize all information on potential employees in an ample database.

The Entertainment Technology Your Home Needs

The Entertainment Technology Your Home Needs

Entertainment is a luxury, but it has become a luxury that you need in order to be a fully functioning member of society. You need to have some idea what is going on in the world and pop culture so that you can not only have things to talk about with your friends, but also to have relevant in your Read More

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Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

Watch this video and find out the potential of sixth sense technology.


Technology that all smartphones must have

Remember the times, when talking to a loved one meant walking over to a phone booth to dial a long distance call, or carrying that wired ancient telephone instrument all over the place as you talked on the phone? Time has surely flown by, and the evolution of mobile communication technology has spawned compact, palm-sized, wireless mobile phones. These have Read More


What to look for when buying a digital camera

In changing world Digital Camera is an urgent thing for some peoples. But Some people don’t know how to buy a good digital camera with good quality. So when you buy a digital camera keep these few factors in your mind. Think what do you need a Digital Camera. Ask this by yourself and determine it before you buy a Read More


Guide to choosing the best GPS navigator

A GPS navigator is a receiver device that obtains GPS signals for assessing the device’s present position on earth. GPS systems work on a group of satellites which contantly move around the earth and transmit radio signals continuously. Choosing the best GPS navigator can be a difficult task since there are plenty of models and features to choose from. With Read More


iPhone or Android – which one Is right for you?

The iPhone or Android are all over the advertising realm. Millions of dollars are spent to market these two separate products. Which one should you pick? That is the question. This article will help you answer that question. Both the iPhone and Android offer a lot of really good benefits. But there are also some important differences. Looking at the Read More


How to choose a LCD monitor

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors have become popular as most people are looking into more advancement. Due to their size, weight, display quality and compatibility to various electronics, a LCD monitor can be a wise alternative to CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors. Before making the decision to purchase a LCD monitor however, it is important to consider some factors and Read More